Buy postage stamps near me

Postage stamps can be purchased at many retailers in the US. All local Post Office locations will sell postage stamps. Purchasing stamps online or at other certain retail locations can often be more convenient than from the Post Office. Post Office locations are often understaffed and have long wait times. Below you’ll find a complete list of convenient retailers who also sell postage stamps near you.


The easiest place to buy stamps and postage is online at which can be done from the comfort of home. basically eliminates trips to the post office. Amazon and eBay also sell stamps, but both charge more than the face value of a standard stamp. allows users to print postage right from your PC, which can be used to send packages, letters and even Priority Mail. For online postage, is the only site we recommend. offers a 4-week no-risk trial for new users.

If you need to find stamps near you then why not try looking for your Post Office near me or a Staples near me. Another option is to look for CVS near me.

A list of locations to buy stamps near you are listed below:

Locations Type Open Hours Store Locator Review 24 Hours Visit
CVS Pharmacy 8am – 9pm CVS near me
USPS Post Office 8am – 8pm Post Office near me
Staples Copy Center 8am – 9pm Staples near me
UPS Package Delivery 8am – 8pm UPS store near me
Check Cashing Bank Variable Check Cashing Locator
Rite-Aid Pharmacy 8am – 7pm Rite Aid near me
Walgreens Pharmacy 8am – 8pm Walgreens near me
Fed Ex Copy Copy Center 8am – 10pm Fedex Store near me
Walmart Retailer 8am – 10pm Walmart close to me
TD Bank Bank 8am – 6pm TD Bank Locator
Bank Of America Bank 8am – 7pm BOFA Locator
Amazon Online Retailer 24 Hours Buy Stamps online
Target Retailer 8am – 7pm Target Locator
Office Depot Retailer 8am – 7pm Office Depot Locator
Custom Stamps Retailer Custom Stamps Help

What is a postage stamp?

Think of a postage stamp as a kind of receipt – it is an evidence that you have paid for your mailing fees. By mailing fees we mean the old, conventional snail mails. A postage stamp is a small piece of special paper that is displayed on an item of mail. It often shows a national designation – this could range from important historical figures to significant cultural symbols. It also has a denomination and the country’s name printed alongside the said designation. It holds important information with regards to the nature of the mail and it facilitates its delivery until it reaches its destination.


In fact, postage stamps have facilitated the entire mailing system since the mid-18th century. It is because of these small, adhesive papers that the system has been very efficient. You see, sending snail mails are a lot more complex than what most people usually think. For many, it is all about writing, sealing, sending, and bam! All done. But for the postage guys and the companies who handle the mailing system, there are so many details that need to be taken into consideration.


For instance, is the mail to be sent through trains, boats, automobiles, or airplanes?

Is it the premium fast mail or the regular slow mail?

Does it contain letters, newspapers, or important official messages?

To make things even more complicated, some customers are willing to pay more expensive fees just to give top priority to their mails for important business. In order to accommodate them, special postage stamps have been made with special “promos” on them.

For example, there is the special delivery stamp or the express mail stamp. This allows for the mail having the stamp to be given first class treatment so it could reach its destination soonest. Other customers are also willing to pay just to have their mails more specialised for them. For this, there is the personalised stamp, which allow users to stick their photos on it to add sentimental value to the package.


With all the different types of mails to be delivered, there has to be a way on how to effectively sort them out without consuming too much time. Postage stamps help mail handlers to easily categorize and sort out the hundreds of mails given them. This way, they simply have to separate mails of one stamp from that of other stamps, pile them up, and send them on their way. More importantly, it makes transactions for both customers and managers much simpler.

Of course, postage stamps are no longer widely used as it used to be before. For the main reason that bulk of snail mails have been largely replaced by the faster, more reliable e-mails. This is why Custom Stamps has become a more popular term for another type of stamp. As you might have guessed, the bulk of snail mails on a much earlier age were letters. Families, friends, and lovers, communicated to each other when they are far away with letters sent as mails. Today, you only have to log-in to one of the numerous social sites available to the internet and you are good to go. As a result, postage stamps are more of glittering objects to the collector’s eye than of practical use. Postage stamps have now become a favorite of enthusiastic collectors of antiques and historical items. Each country has a unique variety of postage stamps – with their own national design and colors. Not to mention the fact that these change through the years. You can only imagine the diversity of postage stamps in one country. This makes collecting postage stamps very fun and interesting! Of course, although sending letters through snail mails have been mostly obsolete, there are still a lot of other necessary items to be sent to distant locations other than letters. For this purpose, postage stamps are still much needed markers.


Where to buy stamps near me?

The post office near you is the obvious main supplier of postage stamps. Unfortunately, not everybody is near one. If you are a member of the nowhere-near-any-post-offices club, then here are other convenient options for you:

1) Walmart
Practically every big town or city has Walmart store, which is often open round the clock. To top it off, you can also buy paper, pens, envelope, and wrappers if you are in need of writing materials. So if you’re incredibly short of writing materials, you know where to run to!

2) Pharmacy
It is amusing to know that pharmacies are not only limited to selling food, toiletry, and medical needs to customers. For they also sell stamps! Not all pharmacies sell them though, but RiteAid, CVS, and Walgreens are guaranteed suppliers of a wide variety of stamps that will surely suit your mailing needs.

3) Grocery Stores
It is now common for big grocery stores to have a corner dedicated for school supplies. Search for this corner because you will most likely find postage stamps in it. The smaller ones may have them too. When you are out and about, try looking out for postage stamps in such stores and note down in a mental check list which ones have them and which ones do not. This will surely come in handy when the need arises.

4) Banks
Many banks sell postage stamps. When you go to one to attend to some business, do check out if they sell stamps and what kinds of stamps are available. More importantly, remember their opening and closing hours so you will know when to run to one when you are in need of some stamps.

5) Online Sites like Amazon and USPS
Sometimes, life gets too busy and you simply do not have enough time to drive to a store simply to buy postage stamps. If you are experiencing such a situation right now, then you do not have to worry too much because you can now avail them through online sites! All you have to do is to go to Amazon or to USPS. Fill up some forms. Then wait for the items to arrive at your doorstep.
Each site has their own method of purchasing and delivery. Explore these sites and find out which suit your needs better.

What locations near me have stamps for sale?

Postage stamps come in sale occasionally. The same way you’ll find your favorite store on sale on certain special occasions and/or holidays. But if you are looking for a way to lessen your expenses when buying postage stamps, it is best to buy them in bulk. It is common knowledge that buying in bulk is always much cheaper than buying in singles. If you are interested in bulk-buying stamps, here is a useful information for you:

You can buy stamps in a roll, a book, or a coil.

Roll – a roll of stamps is a pack containing 10 stamps.
Book – a book of stamps come in 20 pieces.
Coil – a coil is an incredibly large set, which contains 10,000 stamps.


Why do you need to use a stamp?

You need to use a stamp because it is the monetary system of the snail mail system. Having a postage stamp on your mail is an evidence that you paid the necessary fees needed to get it to its destination. Additionally, you need to use a stamp because it signifies how your mail is to be delivered and to what location. Additionally, it can also signify the function of your mail – whether it is an official government or military mail, or simply that of a civilian who only wishes to send love.

The more interesting part is, you need to use a stamp because it can also mean additional privileges for you and your mail if you choose to avail the more expensive stamps. For instance, some stamps will allow your mail to be given priority. This means that it will be delivered faster than what is normal. Or, it could mean you can partially pay your mail and fully pay for it on a later date.
Most importantly, you need to use a stamp because it is very convenient for you. You see, postage stamps are the reason why transactions in the mailing system are clean and efficient. It will be difficult for a post boy to collect your mails and hand it for delivery to the post office if they will have to handle the money themselves. If that were the case, you will have to the post office yourself especially if you are delivering an expensive mail. But thanks to postage stamps, you will not have to undergo such difficulties.

How much do postage stamps cost?

The demand for postage stamps have considerably lessened compared to the older days because of the rise of the faster, more efficient electronic mailing system. As a result, postage stamps have become more expensive.

Here are the cost trends for postage stamps today:
For Domestic Mailing – cost an average range from $0.30 to $0.90. Each additional ounce will cost $0.21.
For Domestic Shipping – for flat rate envelopes and packages the price could reach up to $22.